With so many basement accountants out there who do not thoroughly know their work or try to improve their skills, cleaning up after them provides a business opportunity in which I fully grasp.

Hello, I am Andy Silman, CEO of Silver Fox Accounting. 

andyDon’t let all those letters behind my name confuse you; I am a down to earth, explain it like it is, type of professional.

My experience ranges from 40 plus years as a Chartered Professional Accountant, having graduated in the top ten of my year, to management consulting positions to governments at all levels, both Canadian and foreign. I am responsible for preparing the largest Ministry Public Accounts in the Government of Ontario. I have also worked on the development of the Broader Public Sector Reporting System and the Controllership Capacity Check. I have extensive business experience in several industry sectors. I developed the Financial Management Handbook for the Organization of Eastern Caribbean States. 

During my past I successfully tackled projects improving information systems, policies, checking systems security and other IT and accounting jobs. Within commercial organizations i have worked with very large volumes of data, simplifying it down through an excellent sense of marketing and business development.

I also published and wrote articles on Costing and Pricing of Government Services in the CICA Handbook and COBOL computer programming, published by Loyola College before it became Concordia University.

I am both a Certified Internal Auditor and Certified Computer Professional, and I am multilingual, speaking French and Hungarian.

I want you to know that if you have not been fairly treated by your accountant, call me now, and I will help you get back on track with your financial affairs. I work directly with the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) on behalf of clients, and I can do so for you.