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Every successful business eventually faces the hiring dilemma. The good part is that facing the hiring dilemma reflects your success.

Hiring is never an easy process in any business. It is a challenge finding reliable, talented and trustworthy staff.

Hiring Should Not Be PainfulSilver Fox recommends a simple process that is effective for both the employer and the employee.

  1. Test the candidate's skills and knowledge before hiring them. This may be time-consuming, but it is necessary to avoid subsequent disasters
  2. Ask each candidate what motivates them
  3. Have the candidates relay a story of success and then relay a story of failure. You are interested in how they personally handled each situation

Do not be afraid to ask important and challenging questions about software and technical expertise. This will give you a clear understanding of their experience and confidence.

Never hire the first candidate to walk through the door. You owe it to yourself to compare various candidates.

Hiring a good employee is like making an investment in the future of your business it will reap rewards. Care and attention to process is important.

We have your best interest at hand and work for a lasting relationship with all our clients.

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