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 Sometimes your mouth says things that your brain has not even thought of yet

Did you ever think that verbally you creating negative habits for yourself without realizing it?

Talk Like A Winner - Think First Speak LaterYou may be saying specific words and phrases that inherently deflate your self-esteem, or make you look somewhat disgruntled. Most likely you don’t notice since they are a habit for you.

These habits help define who we are and can define our public image.

Most people habitually underestimate the impact of what we say and how we say

Do you use these phrases:

  • I’m busy.
    • This has become the new badge of honour amongst too many
  • I hate (fill in the blank).
    • Hate is a very strong word, maybe we can soften things a little with a more delicate: l really do not like that
  • I can’t afford it.
    • Where there is a will there is a way many
  • I’m so stupid (or any version of that).
    • Self-deprecation is never attractive, this not the same as being humble
  • I have to...
    • This sounds like a chore, expressing an action as a choice sounds like you are in more control of your
  • Can't we do this?
    • Try phrasing your sentences in the positive; it just sounds happier

Too many people take overt pride in being hard-nosed. I like to believe what they are truly after is being professional. Hard-nosed and prickly does not necessarily translate into success. Being professional usually, reaps rewards.

Part of being professional is speaking in a more enlightened, positive manner and using systems to help you organize your thoughts in this manner.

Think about how you talk to others on a regular basis. Then develop the will to make the necessary changes.

We have your best interest at hand and work for a lasting relationship with all our clients.

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