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  • Get More Clients
    • The sales & marketing manual will give you everything you need to fill your client list. We discuss an effective marketing plan, including how to get in front of accountants, systematically get referrals, and effectively convert prospects to clients.
  • Charge More
    • By providing a great bookkeeping service, selling a bookkeeping system, following the processes in the sales and marketing manual and charging what you are worth you will be able to increase your prices, and get paid what you are worth.
  • Up-Sell
    • The Silver Fox Bookkeeping System provides a suite of additional reports and services that you can produce and charge to existing clients. We will show you how to create value-added reports with the data currently at your fingertips.
  • Recruit Other Bookkeepers
    • Hiring other bookkeepers is a big step. The Fluman Resources manual will give you the guidance you need to advertise for, interview, and most importantly test new bookkeepers.
  • Confidence
    • Most people feel more confident when they follow a tried and true system and know they are supported in every step of their journey. Confidence builds with the knowledge that you are delivering industry best practices with a full support system. You will have unlimited support to implement the Silver Fox Bookkeeping System.

Silver Fox Bookkeeping System's Marketing SeriesThe Silver Fox Bookkeeping System Is For You...

New: You are considering starting a bookkeeping business. You will get the tools to fill your client list within your first year with valuable clients who appreciate you and your skills and pay on time

Experienced: Burnout or a sense of futility may be lurking around the corner. Many bookkeepers have all the clients they need but without the right structure, they aren’t generating the revenue they should. We will show you how to increase revenue, give yourself a raise and how to build a strong team of talented bookkeepers.

Hiring: Congratulations, business is booming and you need to hire staff. The Silver Fox Bookkeeping System will guide you through the steps of an effective hiring process.

Efficiencies: You are already running a successful bookkeeping business. As your profit and growth specialist, the Silver Fox Bookkeeping system will help you improve your team’s efficiencies and profit.

The Silver Fox Bookkeeping System is NOT For You ...

Hands-Free - the System is not hands-free. You must still work hard, but you will do more value added work for better money and more profit

Overnight Success - the Silver Fox Bookkeeping System contains many strategies that can make a significant difference. Reaching your goals will take time. There is no magic pill. If you expect everything to happen “yesterday” please give us a call to discuss the System.

P.S. Successful athletes, business owners, students, politicians, entertainers, and families follow a system.

The Silver Fox Bookkeeping System can make a meaningful difference in your bookkeeping business. You can earn more money with less stress and more time to enjoy life outside your business.

You can either go about your business the same old hard way that you have always done, or learn the new proven easier way. While you still have to put in the work, why not follow the proven step-by-step systems contained within the Silver Fox Bookkeeping System. You do not have to go it alone, we are here every step of the way.

This System works...if you’re not happy with our System, please tell us why. Our guarantee guidelines provide for a full refund.

We have your best interest at hand and work for a lasting relationship with all our clients.

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