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Using proven marketing techniques properly on a consistent basis can attract more clients to your bookkeeping business.

One of the simplest marketing techniques that can bring more clients to your business within weeks, if done properly, is networking.

Networking is an important method for spreading your band. These sessions should serve a business purpose, not be treated as a social event.

60 Seconds To Grow Your Bookkeeping BusinessYour goal is to set up a coffee meeting with a prospect in order to learn about their business and share a little about your business. This is where you begin the journey to gain them as a client.

You will get more benefit from any networking group by attending every meeting.

Most people are more interested in conveying their message than in listening to yours, so learn to be short and sweet.

Practice conveying your skills and experience in 60 seconds with some degree of passion. People will be interested in your qualifications and the benefits to them.

You may want to highlight areas of concern such as peace of mind, regaining a sense of control, financial security.

Every urban area has a series of networking groups. You will need to do some research to find the group that best suits your schedule and needs.

Some ideas include: BCX, BNI, Meetup, Chamber of Commerce

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