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Understanding and effectively managing your personal and business credit will ensure many years of trouble-free living. The following tips are basic elements of managing your credit.

  • Credit - The past predicts the future, clean up your bad habits
  • The 6 C’s of CreditCapacity - Borrower’s ability to pay back the loan. Fixed versus variable income. Do not overspend, know how much you need each month for basic shelter costs
  • Character - Borrower stability; On the job 1 year vs 10 yrs. Same address for 5 years or moved every year for 5 years
  • Capital - Borrower’s down payment in a deal. The more the Borrower has at stake the less likely they are to walk away
  • Collateral - Property being mortgaged or borrowed against, how easy is it to sell if necessary, detached homes sell easier than gas stations, cars are easy to sell if necessary
  • Common Sense - Does the deal make sense. Is the Borrower buying a less desirable home 2 hours away from their work; are they buying a two seater sports car with four young kids at home

We have your best interest at hand and work for a lasting relationship with all our clients.

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