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Andrew Silman is a great manager and mentor. He facilitates learning- on- the job and provides guidance and supervision for professional growth. Andrew is extremely knowledgeable about government accounting policy, reporting, and financial management. Andrew has been my coach and mentor for over eight years and has encouraged me to expand my horizons.
Date of Posting: 09 March 2017
Posted By: Aparna Joshi, CPA, CMA. MES, MBA
Senior Policy Analyst (A) at Treassury Board Secretariat
I have the pleasure of working with Andy as his Vice President of Sales and Marketing at Silverfox Accounting. Andrew has genius intelligence, yet he can convey his ideas in detail and make perfect sense. Andy is an excellent accountant who takes a personal interest in all of his clients and is determined to have those clients have both a great experience but come away with extra. That usually means more profit as Andy combines stellar accounting work with veteran business coaching. An expert consultant and born leader Andy and Andrea point our organization in the right direction, every day is a positive learning experience for me. Andy is well within the President and CEO level with communication abilities and a very high energy level. With Andy leading our staff
I do not understand why Silverfox Accounting is not the accountant for every small and mid-sized business in North America. This off the charts value proposition almost seems too good to be true, the fact is as a client you get this and a larger bottom line. Andy personally I thank-you as I find that I learn something valuable from you every day.
Date of Posting: 09 March 2016
Posted By: John MacKay
Business Development Executive

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