Meet Andrew Silman CPA, CMA, MBA, CIA, CCP - The Silver Fox

With so many basement accountants out there who do not thoroughly know their work or try to improve their skills, cleaning up after them provides a business opportunity which I fully grasp. Don’t let all those letters behind my name confuse you. I am a down to earth, explain it like it is, type of professional. My experience ranges from 40 plus years as a Chartered Professional Accountant, having graduated in the top ten in Canada of my year, to management consulting positions to working governments at all levels, both Canadian and foreign. I have extensive business experience in several industry sectors. I have allowed clients to have the garnishment on their bank accounts be lifted and property liens removed. During my past, I successfully tackled projects that improved information systems, policies, systems security and other IT and accounting jobs. Within commercial organizations I have worked with very large volumes of data, simplifying it down through an excellent sense of marketing and business development. I truly like helping people and take a personal interest in my clients. Why the silver Fox moniker, to show age and experience plus my wife allowed me to stop dying my hair.



  • Phil Rutter, Personal Tax Client

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  • Andreh Mehrabian, President Green Ace Mechanical Services

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  • Aparna Joshi, CPA, CMA. MES, MBA Senior Policy Analyst (A) at Treassury Board Secretariat

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  • John MacKay, Business Development Executive

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Silver Fox Accounting is a professional accounting firm providing business advice and guidance for small and medium sized business who want both accounting and financial advisory services.

Our strengths are the senior financial professionals in our management structure who have earned their knowledge and experience through many years of effort and street‐wise experience.

Our operating base are a group of senior financial executives who have decided to rededicate their efforts to helping businesses grow. This culture of providing both knowledge and experience is the original basis of internship except we take it a step further.

Others, intern graduates become our fresh interns so that their experiences can help our future clients. You will never deal with a rank beginner at Silver Fox Accounting, but you will always deal with a professional who tells you the complete and honest truth.

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