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With so many basement accountants out there who do not thoroughly know their work or try to improve their skills, cleaning up after them provides a business opportunity that I fully grasp. Don’t let all those letters behind the name confuse you; I am down to earth. I will explain it like it is because that is the type of professional I am. My experience ranges from 40 plus years as a Chartered Professional Accountant, and I have worked in all levels of government in Canada as well as for a foreign government on financial policy. I was responsible for preparing the largest Ministry Public Accounts in the Government of Ontario. My experience can help you solve your problems. If we cannot help you, you will hear it directly. Understanding the intricacies of large volumes of data we can provide both summary analysis and variance reporting both at the 50,000-foot level and the 1000-foot level as well as everything in between. We specialize in simplifying large data vaults down through an excellent sense of marketing and business development. I am both a Certified Internal Auditor and Certified Computer Professional.


Irfan Arshad is the Executive Customer Accountant. He provides very high quality services to our clients in the areas of financial planning & analysis, accounting & reporting, taxation and process automation. With have over 20 years of experience working for Corporate America including Johnson & Johnson, Manulife, Telus, Cadbury, MCAP, and Firstar Bank (U.S). he can provide very valuable input to our clients. He serves our customers and partners in various accounting, analyst and senior financial analyst roles. He has helped companies in cost controllership, integration, transformation and process automation. Irfan is a Chartered Professional Accountant (CPA) and a member of CPA Ontario with a Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA-Finance) from University of Wisconsin, Milwaukee. We are confident that financial experience will help me to offer solutions tailored to best serve each clients individual needs.


Andrea is our translator because she has an incredible ability to translate accounting terminology into plain English. She can break down some of the more complex terms such as variance analysis, contribution margin, and incremental revenue into a manner that a tradesman fully comprehends their meanings and its impact on their business. In a previous life, Andrea was a condominium manager, but has decided to join the family business especially after finding out that the accounting profession goes back six generations on our maternal side.


Peggy Silman has a Master of Arts degree from York University in Critical Disability Studies. She also has a great deal of policy writing and correcting experience, having assisted her father by correcting his draft policies before they were published by the Government of Ontario. This was while she was a fully matured 8 year old. Peggy works at importing and classifying data from many sources, especially customer-provided scans from our remote access account. She works tirelessly to identify and correct errors as well as interpret customer hieroglyphics.



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