Franchising Purchases

Franchising Purchases


Are you deciding to go with a Franchise or Start your own business from scratch?


Give us a call and let us run your financial models identifying both the pros and cons of franchuising as well as starting your own business.


Our report will include a forecasted cash flow analysis with best and worse case scenarios as well as recommendations and advice to your specific type of business, whether it is a restaurant, an oil change facility a health clinic or anything else you might need.


We do an in-depth research to give you unbiased informed information where our 40+ years of financial management experience will provide the necessary background knowledge to let you make an informed decision. Call us today for unbiased, professional and educated advice.


For example, Mike Holmes has the following advice for people on the verge of buying a house:

“And sometimes people get a home inspection and still end up buying a lemon. Why? Because they didn’t hire the right professional. Just because they call themselves a home inspector doesn’t mean they’re any good.

Again, it’s buyer beware. Homeowners and homebuyers need to ask the right questions, especially when hiring a home inspector. For example, how long have you been inspecting homes for? What were you doing before home inspections? (You want someone with a background in home construction.) Are you insured? Are you certified? By who and what does that mean?

Ideally, we should be able to rely on the advice of the pros we hire. But sometimes it’s difficult to know who’s a pro and who’s not, and by the time we find out it’s too late. Then who’s stuck with the bill? You.

So to save your own butt I always tell homeowners to educate themselves. Learn what separates the pros from the players. Also, learn the red flags.”


Apply the same rules to yourself before buying a business or franchise and trust us, your professionals for invaluable and knowledgeable advice and assessment of risks. Call us today for an initial intake appointment.