Tax Planning

Tax Savings Workshop – Keep Your Money


It is never about how much you make, it is always about how much you keep.

Every year too many Canadians lose far too much of their hard-earned money in taxes.

The Silver Fox Tax Workshop will help you understand how to keep more of your money. You earned it, you deserve to keep it.

The Silver Fox Tax Savings Workshop is for ordinary taxpayers, just like you, who want and need to keep their hard-earned money. Who is eligible for larger tax savings; full and part-time employees, salespeople, entrepreneurs, stay-at-home parents, students and business owners are all eligible for larger tax savings.

Imagine the difference in your life when you keep more of your tax money in your own pocket! Tax savings begin with effective tax planning, before tax season.


Hold Onto Your Money


When you attend a Silver Fox Tax Savings Workshop you will be given the knowledge to keep more of your money away from the taxman. You would never willingly give away your hard earned money to a stranger, so why should give it away so easily to the tax man. It is up to you to claim the refunds and credits that you are entitled to. We will show you how.

The Silver Fox Tax Savings Workshop will empower you with the knowledge to save on your income taxes year after year! Paying less tax will leave more of your hard earned money in your own pockets; treat yourself to a terrific holiday, eliminate debt, enjoy extra spending money, pay for education.


You Will Learn How To:


Minimize Taxes Paid Year After Year

Far too many taxpayers know too little about the potential tax refunds that they could receive every year. Imagine the relief and satisfaction knowing that you have claimed all the money that is rightfully yours. Wouldn’t it be great to maximize your tax refund every year?

Uncover Secrets Of Building Your Own Wealth

The rich seem to get richer, year after year, and the rest of us keep struggling at the daily grind. Things do not have to be this way. Learn to plan and think like the rich. Plan for the future. Uncover secrets of building wealth.


Develop Additional Sources of Income


Learn how you can start developing multiple sources of income. Imagine the satisfaction of earning a pay cheque while you sleep.